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Resume Guy started as a collaboration of a few great minds to create a highly-effective online resume builder and help the aspiring job seekers. We pooled our expertise to develop a comprehensive, user-friendly, and professional resumé toolbox, assisting applicants in securing their dream jobs with a perfect presentation of their careers.

We listen to every suggestion and feedback given by recruiters and the applicants to create resumes that rise above expectations. It allows Resume Guy to be flexible and ever-evolving while keeping the resume templates up-to-date with the market dynamics.

What We Do

Resume Guy was created with one goal - placing a professional resume in front of every hiring manager across the globe. From concept to design, to actual industry application and review, Resume Guy conducted extensive research and development to create the industry's top-level, easy to use, highly effective online resume builder for each aspiring applicant.

Our resume generator guides applicants through the resume creation process and helps them build a professionally formatted resume suitable for the job role. Whether you're fresh out of the academy or an industry veteran, Resume Guy offers an unbiased, high-quality, and empathic customer support to help you build a perfect resume. Our professional resume creator has an online assistant to guide you through the process. From tasks as simple as filling in personal information to assisting in putting together an eye-catching resume, the online assistant provides exemplary support and guidance to make sure you have a great resume.

What We Offer

Resume Guy provides job applicants with a vast selection of resources to assist them with their needs. We have created a one-stop-shop capable of catering to jobseekers from any industry. Every day, Resume Guy uploads new template designs to provide more options for the job seeker. As the job market is always interested in something fresh, Resume Guy makes sure that job seekers are using the latest resume templates to gain a competitive edge over others.

Besides the comprehensive and flexible resume builder, we also share the knowledge of hiring managers and veterans from diverse industries. We publish regular blogs on the website giving expert advice on different topics related to resume writing, resume templates, cover letters, and more.

If you have any questions about the process, or which option to choose, you can head over to our support pages and read our FAQs. In the FAQ section, Resumé Guy has listed most of the common questions asked by users on subjects ranging from choosing the right resume template to writing the proper job description.

If you have specific questions not listed in the FAQs, you can contact us. Our HR experts are always ready to assist you with your queries. We encourage you to let us know about your experience in building a resume with Resumé Guy and how it shaped your career.

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