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The Most Effective Cover Letter Opening Lines

A complete guide to creating stunning cover letter opening lines.

A cover letter, as its name implies, is the first layer of an application. Like a gift wrapper or cake icing, a cover letter is essential as it gives out the first impression. First impressions last. Cover letter opening lines represent you, the applicant. The first few sentences of any written communication reveal so much about the writer’s personality and character. It also determines whether your application will be tossed out or shortlisted in the next few seconds.

Things to Keep in Mind when Writing Cover Letter Opening Lines 

Qualities of good opening lines for cover letters

Cover letter opening lines should be clear.

The best cover letter opening lines are easy to grasp. Using impactful but straightforward words prompts the receiver to finish reading the content. Confusing cover letter starting lines discourage the reader from continuing reading. When the competition is tough (which is always the case), cover letters with vague opening lines are immediately tossed out.

Make sure to be direct, refrain from using flowery words, and use common terminologies. 

Opt for a shorter synonym when describing. It is faster to read and equally effective without taking more space. 

Do not tweak the job title. For instance, Customer Service Representative and Customer Relations Officer may mean the same thing, but you always have to use the company’s standard vocabulary. Otherwise, the recruiter might mistake your letter meant to be for someone else.

Cover letter starting lines must be concise.

Cover letters are only a page long, consisting of three or four short paragraphs with lots of white space. Thus, you must deliver as much data as you can in a few words. Cover letter opening lines, which usually do not exceed two sentences, will have to contain essential information such as who you are, where you found the job listing and your intention of applying.

The opening sentence for a cover letter should be compelling.

It only takes seconds for recruiters and hiring managers to scan cover letters. Thus, this  200-400 document must be gripping, so it stands out from the rest.

The starting lines are crucial to make an impression. It can singlehandedly decide whether you get that interview or not, so it has to be compelling. Your cover letter will need to convince the recipient that you deserve to be part of the employment process’s next stage.

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How to Start a Cover Letter

There are two points that your cover letter opening lines should address: positive emotion and relevant information.

Words that indicate feelings add a personal touch to your cover letter. Optimistic expressions set a bright mood that brings out a positive and happy response. Emotions are infectious. Your reader will sense what you radiate when communicating, so make it positive. It will elicit a matching reaction. Expressions of excitement and confidence are the most compelling examples commonly used as an opening sentence for a cover letter.

Now, good opening lines for cover letters are not just full of fluff. They are dense with information as well. Or else, your cover letter will sound generic and ordinary. All applicants will express eagerness to work. What will set you apart from each other are your qualities. First and foremost, you must explain who you are, the position you are applying for, and most importantly, how you are an excellent fit for the job. A quick reference to your unique skills or experience is an excellent strategy. Adding these crucial details is pivotal to creating top cover letters.

Best cover letter opening lines are made up of few words packed with emotion and information. Make sure you got that balance perfectly. 

Bonus Tips:

Personalize your cover letters. You must create one cover letter for each company and for every job you are applying for. When drafting your cover letter opening lines, you must choose your words and statements properly and adequately.

The following are tips that you can follow so you can design perfect cover letter opening lines:

1. Start with an outline

Begin constructing your cover letter by drafting an outline to ensure it will contain all essential information within the ideal cover letter length. Keep in mind the basic cover letter red flags as well when you create your abstract. Then, choose a suitable cover letter format.

2. Keep a professional tone

If you are applying at a financial institution or a medical establishment, you must sound more professional than passionate. The reason is that these businesses require logic over sentiments. Conversely, sensitivity and compassion are equitably vital in social business enterprises.

3. Name-drop. 

Make sure to mention if you are referred, especially by someone already part of the organization. Referrals are clear attestations of your skill and character. By including your referral details, you are immediately signaling that you are credible. 

4. Mention the company’s recent event or accomplishment

Another tactic that you can incorporate in your cover letter opening lines is referencing its current or latest business events. You can add a personal touch while showing your admiration for the company by mentioning a recent success of the business and then continuing by saying you hope to contribute to future accomplishments.

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5. Show your personality. 

Belief statements are another way to impress. It also demonstrates your intent and resolves. These qualities are irresistible to goal-oriented companies.

Emphasize how your career objectives complement the organization’s mission. This will assure the employers that you will be moving in the same direction as the company. Detailing how you can visualize yourself as part of the organization will authenticate that you’ll be a guaranteed asset.

6. Keep it relevant

Regarding including data in your cover letter opening lines, relevance is the key regardless of job title or company. 

To create a powerful cover letter, quantify your skills. Numbers are accurate, and it will explicitly show that you have what it takes to take on the role. It also gives the hiring managers a clear idea of what to expect from you. With this, they can easily picture out what issues will be resolved or work that will be finished if you are on board.

7. Consistency is key

Never try to make up for your imperfections by using contradictions. It will draw unnecessary attention to your weaknesses, and it may be detrimental to your application.

Here is an example:

I may not have any previous experience, but I am a fast learner.

8. Be concise & straightforward

After you’ve constructed excellent opening lines and introduction, focus on making the rest of your cover letter such that it can support your anchor. If you can present your ideas more straightforwardly, you can rephrase and revise. Adjust the typography as needed, keeping in mind proper cover letter fonts.

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Cover Letter Opening Line Examples

You can choose many approaches depending on the job and the company, your preference, and the effect you want on your recipient.

Here are some examples of cover letter opening lines according to purpose and suitability:

To declare

I am writing to apply as a Customer Service Agent. With my graduate degree, two years of tenure in a similar role, and 95% Performance Appraisal Rating in my current company, I believe I am qualified to take on the role.

Although this traditional way of a cover letter intro may come off as ordinary, it is the most effortless template to shadow. Incorporating crucial details like an employee rating in the above example can transform this cookie-cutter arrangement amazing.

To impress

I am an in-demand Marketing Copywriter with over five years of experience publishing high-quality content and managing campaigns that increased businesses’ sales by 50-70%. I am offering you my services so you can enjoy similar gains.

This illustrates how quantifying your skills can be the most efficient way to demonstrate your capability to fulfill the role. With the above example, it will be spontaneous for the hiring manager to visualize his/her revenue growing by half if he/she hires you. Immediately, you are showing them what you can put on the table. Numbers effectively demonstrate your value. 

To solicit

As an awarded Engineering graduate from a top university, I hope to start my career in a competitive and high-ranking company. I believe that a Mechanical Technician position in your company will provide me the opportunity to demonstrate my skills.

The opening statement above is an example of using a belief statement tactfully without overwhelming the employer. You may be a newbie, but this clearly shows positive emotions of excitement, passion, maturity, and ownership. This sample cover letter starting line implies you are capable and ready while admiring the company. 

Here is another template that can highlight your accomplishments at the onset of your cover letter for an instant kick.

I have been a freelance Business Adviser for over twelve years, but I still get excited when I see a rising business like yours that I know I can lead to success. I specialize in helping enterprises reduce costs and increase profits so that in less than a year, my clients transform from small-time ventures to national corporations. If you are interested to know the secret to scaling businesses, I will be happy to assist you.

To convince 

My decade-long experience in risk analysis and quality assurance has taught me that dedicated work is the secret to a company’s success. I would like to commit my proven expertise to your company as a Business Administrator at ZZZ Branch.

The above cover letter opening lines exemplifies a strategic hint that you are a top-level employee with an unmatched life experience not easily found in others. It seamlessly states that you are simply above the rest.

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Another attack would be to show you embody the role. To give an example, below is a representation of how to convince effortlessly. 

As a digital nomad of 3 years, I was very excited when my fellow freelancer, currently working on a project of yours, referred me to you. Together, Ms. Tania Smith and I have managed numerous business social media accounts to expand. She believes that our combined expertise can increase your business’s online visibility by 80% in less than three months.

To connect

It has always been my dream to be a part of an institution driven to protect Mother Earth. I was very excited to hear that you are looking for additional Nature Scouts to expand your operations. I have three years of experience as a Conservation Volunteer that can greatly impact company goals in a positive light.

This style of writing can only work with specific job roles or companies. A very personal tone can be off-putting and unrefined if utilized incorrectly. However, it is perfect for organizations with a cause like charities and such that bank on people’s emotions to function.

To charm

I found your listing that said you are looking for a part-time clown. I love parties, and my family swears I am a natural, so there is no need for training. I am as funny as Bozo but not as creepy-looking. Hire me. I can start immediately.

The example above uses wit and humor to be eye-catching and memorable. This manner of communication can be very risky but can pay off if crafted flawlessly. To be noteworthy is a must for cover letter opening lines. Be remembered for a good reason, yes?

Whatever technique you decide on, the universal rule is to be sincere. Hiring managers and recruiters scan hundreds of applications each day and can see through facades and guises. After all, it is their business to hire people who can represent their company’s brand, and there are good ways to show off your people skills without sounding cheap or desperate. Stay classy but never be a snob.


There is no standardized way to start a cover letter. But because each person is unique, characterizing cover letter opening lines comes as one of their kind. It consists of many distinct elements representing the applicant, so portray yourself in the best light to create a great impression right from the opening line.

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