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General Resume Summary Examples That Will Get You Hired

Is there a particular job that you have been eyeing lately? Before working on your application, you should stop to consider how you will write your resume summary. Below is a general summary of resume examples that will work in various positions. This is to give you ideas on how to create your own. 

While unmistakably brief and concise, a resume summary has far greater importance than one would assume from its length alone. Bluntly put, it is crucial to every application. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or an experienced applicant, it pays to give extra attention to constructing your resume summary.

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What is a Resume Summary?

A resume summary is a brief statement that is found right after the resume header. Often confused with a resume objective, a resume summary utilizes a more direct approach. Where a resume objective seeks to showcase an applicant’s aspirations towards the job, a resume summary tries to align an applicant’s skills, background, and work experience with the requirements stated on the job description. It is professional, straight to the point, and quantitative when need be. As such, a resume summary is the preferred statement for fresh graduates and general applicants. Read on below for the best general professional summary examples for resumes. 

Recuiters and hiring managers will assess your resume summary first to determine if your application is relevant at all. If an applicant’s skills and work experience seem inapplicable to the job, chances are they are unlikely to proceed with your application. This is why it is important to give ample consideration to the skills and work experience that you choose to highlight on your resume summary. When done right, a resume summary is instrumental to your success in the application process. Our list of general resume summary statement examples below shows the ideal way of writing a resume summary to guarantee a top spot for the position.

To give you some ideas on how to write a practical resume summary, we have included a lengthy list of general resume summary examples below. But before trying to find the best general summary resume example to guide you in making your own, it is essential to understand the importance of a resume summary and the components that make up the statement. 

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How to Write an Effective General Resume Summary

A resume summary is a brief and concise statement at the top of your resume. It often follows the resume header and is more or less an introductory paragraph for the rest of the resume. It serves as the preview or the synopsis of the skills and work experience that you have listed. That said, a resume summary is known for utilizing a more targeted approach than what you would typically employ when writing a resume objective statement.

In other words, not only are you supposed to summarize your employment details, you need to write it in such a way that it would appear as though your application is tailor-fit for the position you are applying for. Think of it as the primary selling point for your application. It should urge recruiters and hiring managers to read more of your resume and to assess your application further. Read on below for general resume summary examples to see how this targeted approach is applied for increased chances of getting hired.

Before seeing some outstanding general resume summary statement examples as a guide for your resume summary, it is crucial to learn about the primary intention that should go behind a resume summary, as well as the features that bring this intention to life.

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What is the Purpose of a Resume Summary?

Before setting your sights on a particular job or position, you must have learned of the opening by way of a job description. Every job description lists the hiring company’s criteria for the role, including a set of requirements and qualifications. This criterion is what a resume summary seeks to address. In this regard, a resume summary tries to target the job’s needs and capabilities. It should apprise recruiters and hiring managers that your skills, background, and work experience are relevant to the position. 

In most cases, with the large bulk of applications that recruiters and hiring managers need to go through daily, most of them would not go beyond the resume summary if it appears irrelevant to the job. This is particularly true when they have already determined from the resume summary that there is no point in moving forward with the application. 

To ensure that your resume summary targets the job description of the position you are applying for, try to take note of specific keywords from the job description and try to incorporate them into your resume summary. To give you an idea of how this is best done, see the general resume summary examples that we have listed below.  

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What Are the Features of a Resume Summary?

A resume summary is a single paragraph of no more than two sentences. Each sentence serves a specific purpose. The first sentence should state the position you most recently held and how long you were in that job. If you are a fresh graduate, you can write the degree that you have finished within the place of the position. The second sentence should then describe your proven track record at your previous job. Include any accomplishments that have been influential to previous employers. As for fresh graduates, the second sentence may detail any internships, awards, or certifications, instead. See the best way to write a practical two-sentence resume summary with our list of general professional summary examples for resumes below.

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Effective General Resume Summary Examples

This general summary for resume examples shows how an effective resume summary should be written. A well-written resume summary increases your chances of getting hired. It convinces recruiters and hiring managers that your skills, background, and work experience are a perfect fit for the job. As mentioned above, your resume summary determines whether they would want to proceed with your application or not. 

Advertising Executive Resume Summary

An advertising supervisor who led a team of advertising agents for over five years. Conceptualized well-received campaigns for prominent products and services, most of which received industry accolades and awards.

Nursing Assistant Resume Summary

A state-licensed nursing assistant who worked at the Main City General Hospital for two years. Provided excellent care for patients and aided in their recuperation. 

Corporate Driver Resume Summary

Served as a personal driver to several Business District executives for a total of six years. A proven expert in handling most car makes and models and possess glowing recommendations from previous employers.

Fresh Graduate Public Relations Resume Summary

A recent graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the Park State University. Interned for one year and six months under the Public Relations department of Origins Pharmaceuticals and worked on their regularly-issued newsletters during the said period

Preschool Teacher Resume Summary

A state-licensed educator who worked as a preschool teacher at Main City School for two years. Was responsible for the creation of the curriculum of the preschool department and attended several state-wide and national conferences on the continued development of the quality of preschool education.

It Project Manager Resume Summary

An experienced IT staff for a renowned security agency for five years. Introduced and led the development of several new measures to enhance said agency’s range of products and services. 

Real Estate Agent Resume Summary

Worked as a real estate agent for a real estate company operating in Seaside Town for one year with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sales and Marketing. Awarded as the company’s top performer for six months straight, garnering an increase in said company’s overall sales by 43.24%.

Fresh Graduate Pharmacist Resume Summary

Graduated cum laude in BPharm from the Main City University and earned a state-issued license to practice effective June 30, 2029. Awarded intern of the year at the Main City General Hospital for the academic year 2028.

University Librarian Resume Summary

The former head librarian of the Main City Central High School for two years. Implemented the modernization of the library’s cataloging system, which significantly improved accessibility for both faculty staff and students.

Fresh Graduate Legal Secretary Resume Summary

A graduate of an Associate’s degree in Legal Studies. Served as an intern at the Main City Free Legal Services Center for six months and earned glowing recommendations from the department heads thereof.

Credit Manager Resume Summary

A former Credit officer at Seaside Town Central Bank for four years with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Was influential in improving the branch’s customer service ratings by 32% to 45% annually.  

Fresh Graduate Human Resources Staff Resume Summary

A recent graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources. Served as an intern for one year at the human resources department of Weston and Strum’s group of companies, assisting in hiring managers and compliance staff.

Our list of examples above relates to a variety of positions from different industries. Take your pick and find the best general summary resume example to guide you. Let it serve as the basis in the creation of your own compelling and well-written resume summary.

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