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How to Accept a Job Offer: Helpful Tips and Examples

After a series of rejections from companies, you finally have a job offer! Now that someone wants you on board, it may be hard to resist saying “Yes!” After all, this is a triumphant win for you. 

Before accepting the job offer, you need to play it cool. When recruiters offer a job, they are laying all their cards on the table. And they expect that you do the same. So, determine the situation and see if everything is what you hope the company and the offer would be. 

To help you with the process, we came up with tips and guides for you to note when accepting the job offer. 

Types of Job Offers

Before everything, let’s acquaint ourselves with the terminologies first.

Verbal Offer

A verbal offer is an informal offer of employment made by recruiters before sending the written proposal. It usually occurs when they tell candidates in person, via email, or over the phone that they wish to hire a candidate for the job. 

The verbal offer includes the position, basic pay, compensation benefits, work hours, and start date. However, this may vary depending on the course of the agreement. Hence, the importance of the written offer.

Written Offer

A written offer is a legally binding document that details the applicant’s salary, compensation packages, and other benefits. However, unlike contracts, written offers or job offers are less detailed.

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What to Look for in a Job Offer

A job offer is more than the salary you get at the end of the month. It consists of the intangible compensations you get while working for the company. Sure, your payslip will cover the bills, but the flexible working hours or Friday one-hour chill time will help you get through without going crazy from stress. 

Before accepting a job offer…

Evaluate the benefits first

Consider the perks of working for the company. Ask yourself if you are ready to work in an organization with their workplace culture — based on the info you learned while researching them. Take time to weigh the pros and cons of working for the organization.

Assess the compensation package 

See if the employee privileges include health or insurance benefits. These aren’t simply perks — they’re government-mandated benefits that companies need to offer.

Steps to Accept the Job Offer

Finally, getting a job offer after failed job applications and interviews does feel like being on cloud nine. However, you still want to play it the professional way. 

Check out the steps below on how to accept a job offer like a pro. 

1. Say thank you

Show your appreciation to the person that opened their doors for you. It’s never wrong to repeat your thanks after sending out your thank-you note before the call or email. You can also include why you’re excited to work for the company. 

For example, you may want to share your desire to contribute your knowledge or expertise to the team. Whether you’re going to negotiate the terms or accept the offer without questions, always show your gratitude. 

2. Communicate with them, again

If you are okay with the company benefits and ready to accept the offer, write them again via email — especially if they made the job offer via phone. 

Won’t they find me irritating or incessant?” you may ask. The quick answer would be no. The long answer — you need to send the hiring manager an email for you to confirm the new position formally. It would be best to reiterate the offer to ensure that they meet the benefits they promised you on the get-go.

3. Ask for the paper trail

A verbal offer is acceptable, but written documentation is always vital. Learning how to accept a job offer also means understanding what you’re saying yes to wholly. 

After expressing your thanks to the hiring manager, ask to get the request in writing. This will benefit you as it gives you official proof of the offer and allows you to review the details thoroughly.

4. Inquire about the onboarding paperwork

Request for the necessary documents that you need to submit before starting work. You can also ask what to expect during the orientation. 

Inquiring about the paperwork displays your interest and enthusiasm in the job position. It also reaffirms the hiring manager’s decision to extend the offer to you.

5. Accept the offer — finally!

It’s unlikely that you get the opportunity to meet the hiring manager in person due to the pandemic. So you may need to sharpen your communication skills online or via phone when proving your interest in joining the team. 

Below are some templates to accept a job offer via email, should you be required to do so. We also included tips on what to say during the phone call to express your interest professionally.

Taking the offer via email

Hiring managers receive numerous emails daily. It may be hard for them to keep track of things. As such, make sure to put your name in the subject line when writing the email.

Example Number 1:

It is vital to send a follow-up email even when you already sent out your verbal ‘thank you.’ Here is a sample format for you to study:

Subject Line: Liz Karev – Job Offer Acceptance

Dear Ms. Stevens,

Good day!

I was delighted to receive your phone call yesterday. I am writing to formally accept your employment offer for the Graphic Designer position at Gila Corporation. Thank you so much for the opportunity, and I am beyond excited to show my skills and thereon contribute to the company’s success.

As was discussed over the phone, my starting salary will be $62,000.00, with monthly eye checkups and health insurance. I also understand that I am to enjoy 12 days of paid time off after my probationary period.

I am now ready to put my skills to work with the company. But before I forget, may I ask for any paperwork that I need to prepare before my starting date on September 20, 2026?

Thank you!


Liz Karev

Example Number 2:

If you communicated with the hiring manager through email, here is a template for you to refer on:

Subject Line: Cristina Grey – Job Offer Acceptance

Dear Mr. O’Malley,

Good day!

Thank you for opening the doors and welcoming me to Good Interiors as a Junior Interior Designer. I am excited to formally accept the offer and delighted to be joining the team.

As discussed over the phone, my starting salary will be $71,200.00, with travel expenses, 15 days annual leave, and health and insurance benefits. 

If there is anything you need from me prior to my start date on March 05, 2026, please let me know.

Again, thank you for giving me this opportunity.


Christina Grey

Example Number 3:

Here is the best email template if you want to request a formal offer from the recruiter. 

Subject Line: Mark Montgomery – Job Offer Acceptance

Dear Mrs. Derek,

Good day!

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of working for Anarchi Corporation. I am sure that you saw my interest in the Junior Architect position during our interview. That is why I was thrilled to hear that I will be joining the company on April 28, 2026.

As discussed via the video conversation we just had, my basic salary will be $60,500.00. I also understand that after my 90 days of employment, I can use the travel and communication expenses, health insurance, and two weeks of paid leave benefit.

I am genuinely pleased with the opportunity you have given me. As such, I would like to request a written confirmation to formalize this.

Again, thank you!


Mark Montgomery

Saying “yes” via phone

Unlike email templates, it’s hard to whisper to someone what to say when accepting the job offer over the phone. Unless you’ve tried, do let us know!

In the meantime, we listed for you our cheat sheet on how to nail that phone interview sans coaching.

  • Get your manners intact throughout the call. Greet them during the conversation, and be polite.
  • Once the manager has given you the offer, thank him or her.
  • Ask the hiring manager when you can expect to receive the formal offer. Inquiring for the written offer benefits you in two folds. First, they will know that you are interested in the position. Second, you will see if they have a terrible culture if they refuse to send you a formal offer.
  • If you have any questions that have been bothering you, now is the time to clarify them. Again, be polite!
  • Confirm that you look forward to receiving the written offer from them soon. Be sure to end the phone call by thanking the hiring manager for their confidence in you.
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Ready to accept the job offer?

You have passed the job application process, so accepting the job offer will be pretty much a breeze. If you are unsure what to do, always trust your instincts — it rarely fails. Most importantly, remember to be courteous when communicating with company representatives. 

We hope these tips will help you accept the job offer of your dreams. All the best!

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