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8 Jobs That Are in Demand Amid the Pandemic

COVID-19 has brought on a massive impact on economies around the world. Even G7 countries are struggling to cope with the enormous shift. 

With this crisis, it’s critical for you to place yourself in a favorable position where you’re able to either keep your job or move into a promising field. You must enter a workforce that is needed now, in the pandemic, as well as in the near future, when all nations work on building up their economies again. 

If you plan to pursue or change careers, or simply upskill, here’s a list of the most in-demand pandemic jobs. Get also the best tips that will help you make the ultimate decision.

Most In-Demand Pandemic Jobs

1. Healthcare providers 

Positions in the healthcare field are the most in-demand jobs during these times. There has been a jaw-dropping increase in hospitalizations globally, especially at the onset of the pandemic. To this day, the world is still dealing with the abnormal needs for healthcare services as it tries to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A resource names physicians and their assistants, nurses, nursing assistants, health services managers, anesthesiologists, and many others as among the jobs that are sorely in-demand right now. This is also supported by an analysis in the Philippines by Jobstreet. Their professional expertise is vital to the diagnoses, treatment, and prevention of COVID-19, as well as other health conditions that populations are facing all over the globe. 

New positions have also risen in response to the pandemic — testers, contact tracers, sanitizers, helpers for mass vaccinations, and many more.

Unfortunately, while our healthcare professionals are lacking, their positions did not show as the most applied for. Risks of infection and transmission towards family and community members, the heavy workload, and the lower pay (compared to other pandemic jobs) are often the reasons behind this.

2. Financial service providers 

Unlike the healthcare industry, professionals providing financial services were identified as both in-demand and most applied for pandemic jobs. In fact, LinkedIn pinpointed financial advisors as the job position with the fastest growing demand, which has increased by over 200%

Financial advisors are advocates of financial literacy, assisting people in planning for the protection and growth of their wealth. Many are struggling with money problems as livelihoods are gravely affected, health is declining, and death is a bigger threat. Thus, the demand for professional guidance in getting insurances and investing.

Other financial service providers in demand right now are accountants, bookkeepers, tellers, and bankers. Even amid the pandemic, commerce and finance continue to function virtually through the phone and the internet.

3. IT / computer specialists

All work that is related to the internet and computers are all in-demand pandemic jobs. They include technical analysts and support, solutions engineers, automation test analysts, software developers and engineers, IT administrators, IT support, data analysts, website developers and managers, and many more.

IT and computer specialists aim to keep hardware, software, and networks running smoothly. They also develop new ones that can cope with the demands of businesses as the bulk of the economy shifts to digital. With the pandemic preventing people from gathering in physical locations, digital platforms have become substitutes for physical offices and stores.

4. Customer service executives

While numerous businesses have closed down, many were able to cope. To keep surviving, they have wisely utilized social media to keep promoting their products and services. They have also strengthened their phone and online customer support teams to continue to take care of their patrons with quality and shipping concerns. 

With this, customer service agents and executives are among the most in-demand jobs amidst the pandemic. 

News outlet CNBC has identified customer service executives among the five remote pandemic jobs currently in demand. Active listening, rapport building, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills are the prerequisites to be an effective customer service agent.

5. Sales agents 

Retail sales officers and digital marketers are some of the most in-demand jobs amid the pandemic. Together with customer service reps, the demand for these business promoters has grown. 

Retail and general sales and corporate sales are examples of job positions in the marketing department. They identify the market that will benefit from their products and services and pitch and connect them with the business. Aside from generating leads, salespeople are also responsible for pricing schedules and quotes. Negotiations and credit terms may also be part of a sales agent’s job. 

Becoming an efficient and productive marketing expert, having an entrepreneurial spirit, and being resourceful, confident, and resilient are the top skills you should possess.

6. Project managers 

Project managers top the list of supervisory positions that are considered in-demand pandemic jobs. Most industries involve the creation of projects. That said, careful planning, management, and team coordination are essential in delivering prompt, on-budget, and successful projects. 

A project manager is in charge of all that. Leadership skills, discipline, and the ability to function gracefully under pressure are crucial to getting hired as a project manager. You must also be a visionary, a goal-setter, and an action-taker. Lastly, you have to be a people person. You will be dealing with many professionals with different expertise and takes on particular situations. 

It’s truly a rare gift to delegate resources so your team can wield its strengths into creating the perfect project.

7. Graphic artists and designers

Graphic artists and designers are among the most in-demand jobs amid the pandemic and even in the future. For one, graphic artists make raw illustrative content needed in marketing products and services. Meanwhile, graphic designers make sure that artistic output conveys its intended message.

Both are distinct from each other, but when together, they work like magic. These professionals have the creative and technical skills to produce an enticing display, usually for marketing purposes. 

To either be a graphic artist or a graphic designer, you must see the beauty in everything as an artist does. You also have to be proficient in apps like Canva, Desygner, the Adobe Suite, and many more. To secure a job position, you must demonstrate your talent and competency through an online portfolio.

8. Recruiters and human resource personnel

Recruiters and human resource (HR) personnel are the people behind all job openings. Thus, an increase of pandemic jobs means an addition to the need for them, too. And even when the COVID-19 crisis has stabilized and economies shift back to normalcy, the need for recruiters will be constant.

Recruiters and HR personnel work to build a labor force that is fit, functional and growing, so they play a massive role in the business. They take care of the end-to-end process of acquiring talent to meet business demands. Their tasks begin with advertising job openings and then screen applicants and offer jobs to qualified ones. 

Oftentimes, the job of the Recruiter doesn’t end here. They will also take part in evaluating the hires so they can make necessary adjustments as needed.

To become a recruiter or work for HR, you must have a keen eye to appraise candidates.

How to Apply for Pandemic Jobs

1. Craft an effective resume and cover letter

A well-written resume and cover letter are what it takes for you to get a call from a recruiter. 

Be mindful of your resume format and the content it holds. Check out excellent resume skill set examples and observe how a few words or figures can deliver so much message. Focus also on pitching your attributes that respond to the needs of the business and the employer. 

For your cover letter, use powerful cover letter formats. Cover letters are only one page long, but when written right, they can furnish your resume and seal the deal.

2. Prepare for virtual interviews

Since the pandemic, recruiting and hiring processes have been done remotely through the internet. This will entail a home setup with the right equipment for interviews. 

Among our most useful phone job interview tips and video job interview tips is meticulous preparation. A strong, reliable internet, noise-canceling headset and microphone, and a camera that can capture clear, real-time movements are the basics to an excellent interview for pandemic jobs.

3. Improve your value as an asset

In today’s times, personal branding is now essential. In-demand pandemic jobs have become more like a search for partners rather than employees. You are business. Your skills are what you are selling (or rather, renting out). And just like any other business, you must build your name as your brand. 

To have an edge over all other applicants, you must constantly improve your value as a brand. Work on accumulating experience. If you are a career-changer or a newbie, take online classes and training to supplement your credentials. Udemy and Skillshare are examples of education marketplaces you must try out.

Also, build an online profile that employers can see. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed are some of the sites that you can be on. 

4. Think outside the box

The norms during pre-pandemic and at present are worlds apart. Thus the term “new normal”. The biggest difference is how and where in-demand jobs can be accessed. Hunt for them. Respond to postings, send cold emails, and proactively offer your brand to businesses and employers. 

Which of these most in-demand jobs are you aiming for?

As you forge a career path for yourself, focus on the most in-demand jobs that can sustain employment, even through unexpected rough changes like the pandemic. Remember, it is a fair game — work hard, play smart.

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