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Essential Benefits of Using a Quick Resume Builder

It takes a lot of factors for job hunting to become successful. For the most part, you need to fit a company’s requirements to qualify. So from the get-go, you need to have a perfect resume to entice recruiters.

If you’re a fresh graduate trying your odds for the first time in the real world, you must stop blaming yourself for all your rejected applications. It’s not you — it’s mostly your resume. You need to perfect it to get a job interview. 

One way to create a stunning, effective resume is through the use of a quick resume builder. Why should you use one, and how does it work? Find out by reading through our guide below.

5 Mistakes You May Be Making While Creating Your Resume

One of the greatest benefits of using a quick resume builder is that it helps you avoid the most common resume-making mistakes. Let’s discuss these mistakes in detail and why you should avoid them.

1. Excessive length

On average, recruiters only look at your resume for six precious seconds! So, your resume must be aesthetically attractive, and its content must be clear and concise. 

You have to remember that your resume isn’t a Jane Austen novel. They’re a Steve Jobs pitch that needs to capture the recruiter’s attention and leave them impressed.

2. Not tailored to the job

The biggest mistake most job applicants make is not tailor-fitting their resumes to the corresponding job position or the company’s brand. 

This is why it’s imperative for you to study the job description, so your credentials match the qualifications they are looking for.

3. Insufficient details

Something is appealing about showing a recruiter what you’re capable of rather than just telling them. 

So, if you’ve only listed your achievements instead of writing them in a descriptive and action-oriented manner, they will automatically find your resume unimpressive. This would eventually make you unfit for the job.

4. Errors in grammar and spelling

No matter how perfectly fit you are for the position, you’re likely not going to get the job if you have too many spelling and grammar errors. You have to be careful on this bit, as this also reflects on your attention to detail.

5. Not ATS-friendly

One of the many reasons why grammar and spelling errors or a heavily accessorized resume isn’t advisable is because they won’t pass through the ATS.

Generally, companies today use a digital tool called Applicant Tracking System — or the ATS — to streamline the hiring process. It’s a system that filters resumes based on specific criteria recruiters have set. It’s the initial test applicants need to pass to increase their chances of getting hired.

So, if you don’t pass the ATS, you’re essentially going to fail the application. That is unless a recruiter decides to double-check all failed resumes in the hope of finding the best hire. And that’s going to be a long shot.

5 Benefits of Using a Quick Resume Builder

Why else should you use a quick resume builder? Here are five benefits that will surely convince you.

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1. Step-by-step instructions

Finding a job alone is stressful in itself. That’s why you need a “tutor” of some sort that will guide you on the essential steps of designing your resume. Resume builders will help you with that.

Quick resume builders will guide you through the process — from start to finish — while ensuring your resume fits your career level and experiences.

2. Tailor-fitted design and layout

It’s easy to get lost in your favorite colors and fonts that you forget which ones will best highlight your credentials. This is where using a quick resume builder — and its array of pre-built resume templates — would come to aid.

Using a resume builder would be like having a team of designers. Professional designers have pre-selected the best design elements to develop resume templates that reflect a candidate’s personality and pose them as the best candidate.

3. Saves time

If you’re working full-time while looking for another job, making a resume by yourself would be time-consuming. Most often, your resume may need adjustments with the content and design. And sometimes, this too may be bothersome.

When you use a quick resume builder, you don’t have to worry about adjusting the design spaces or font sizes, as it will do the job for you. It would only take a few minutes to perfect — with extra time to spare for review.

4. ATS-friendly

Recruiters spend long hours reviewing resumes, and if the number of applicants increases, it would also mean an increase in time reviewing the materials. This would be difficult on the recruiter’s end.

To save time and resources on selecting a possible candidate, HR uses tools like the ATS to make the process easier. 

Resume builders help make your resume pass the ATS by using industry-standard keywords to optimize your content. It also makes use of minimal but impactful designs, so the ATS parses your resume with no distractions.

5. Easily accessible

The best thing about using a resume builder is that you get to start, edit, and finish your resume wherever you may be. It’s accessible on the internet through any device! Should you wish to add further details or tone down a color saturation, you can freely do so as long as you have a laptop, phone, and internet access near you. 

Land Jobs Faster With Out Resume Builder

Use a quick resume builder now

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the many considerations when it comes to resume making. Whether you’re a fresh graduate, a career changer, or a seasoned professional, you must focus your time on creating the best resume possible. 

As such, make the right choice by creating your resumes online. Choose the perfect resume builder that essentially helps you stand out.

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