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5 Remote Job Sites for You to Start Your Job Hunt

Even before the pandemic, remote work has been a thing. It’s a setup developed to allow companies and professionals to adapt to a more flexible work dynamic. It primarily benefits institutions that work with individuals who reside from different parts of the world. People who are separated by geography can now work together with enhanced speed and efficiency through the internet.

If you feel the traditional work setup does not work for you, give the remote work system a try. While a more intense competition for job hunting exists, the employment chances seem endless. After a series of attempts, you could eventually land your dream job.

Advantages of Remote Work

It’s impossible not to come across the term “work from home” nowadays. Because of the ongoing pandemic, at least half of the working people you know are under this kind of setup. 

Remote work is not only a safer work option. There are more incredible things that people do not realize about this. 

1. No need to commute

When working from home, there are no more morning horror stories like traffic jams, missing breakfast, and forgetting your wallet because of rushing out. Since you no longer leave the house, you can also save on gas money or bus tickets. Your mornings can finally be serene and stress-free. Just be sure not to oversleep and miss your shift.

2. Personalized working space

Another perk of remote work is the ability to arrange your workspace to your liking. With this freedom, you can determine the best place to work and boost your performance efficiency. 

In addition to the workspace, you have complete control over your work outfit as well. You do not even have to be dressed fully during conference calls.

3. Save from unnecessary expenses

Since you’re at home, most of the things that you need are within reach. Chances are higher that you will prepare your food. You will also consume products like make-up and perfume at a slower rate. Consequently, you do not need to buy them more often.

4. More time with family 

Being at home means you can spend more time with family. Although you’re busy with work, you can still interact with them, manage their behavior if needed, or tend to emergencies when they arise. 

Remote work maximizes workers’ chances of getting close with loved ones without compromising their ability to earn a living.

Best Sites to Find a Remote Job

The competition in landing remote work is high. However, as stated earlier, the work opportunities are almost endless. One can earn a job regardless of location, ethnicity, and age. Some remote jobs, such as becoming a virtual assistant, do not require previous work experience or educational attainment.

Before you spend hours helplessly lost in a sea of remote job sites, take a look first at our top recommendations.

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular remote job sites on the World Wide Web. It’s a global freelancing exchange that links businesses with hopeful professionals. Unlike other remote job sites, signing up with Upwork is free. After filling out the necessary details and activating the account, a user may start applying at job postings.

On this website, a freelancer is provided with up to 60 connects per month. Connects serve as the website’s currency. Applicants use it to propose a desired job or project. At the end of the month, applicants regain their 60 connects. 

Since many companies use Upwork for job hosting, applicants have higher chances of landing a remote job.

2. Flexjobs

If you have a little more cash to spare, it’s best to invest in websites that make the job application process easier and more effective. 

As of recently, many experts and ordinary workers alike recommend Flexjobs. 

Flexjobs is a career site that offers over 36,000 active job postings from 4,000 companies. Aside from the vast array of selections, specific job postings are easier to find because they are organized according to category. Newbies to the remote work world don’t have to worry because the jobs range from entry level to executive levels.

Flexjobs offers its services in weekly, monthly, tri-monthly, and yearly tiers. It’s easy to adjust your plan according to your employment needs.

3. We Work Remotely

If you don’t want to spend on websites like Flexjobs, consider We Work Remotely as a close dupe. It’s a major competitor among the top remote job sites. 

Just like the rest of our recommendations, We Work Remotely caters to a global audience. Due to its strict screening process, We Work Remotely assures its users to be safe from scams. 

While it’s a good platform for job hunting, We Work Remotely favors applicants with more advanced skill sets, experience, and educational attainment. 

The website has a good range of job offerings as well — usually information technology-related. Its top job categories include programming, Dev Ops and system administration, marketing, business and executive management, design, and customer support.

4. Problogger Job Board 

Problogger Job Board is a haven for content writers. This website job posts for companies needing copywriters and content creators for their digital platforms, especially social media.

Upon visiting the website, job hunters may filter the job listings according to position level, type and industry, and length or duration of work or contract. 

If you are an entry-level writer, Problogger Job Board may not be for you. The companies affiliated with the website typically look for experienced writers. However, do not despair. While experienced writers have the upper hand, most employers gauge applicants’ employability through their work samples. Do not shy away from sending your greatest works so far.

5. Fiverr

Unlike the previous job websites, Fiverr has a more relaxed and informal format. After registration, job hopefuls post a “gig”, wherein they sell their services and expertise for a minimum of $5. Once hired, the hiree will only receive the payment after the submission of the work. 

Simply put, Fiverr is a global freelancing board set in a free-for-all model.

Newbies have the slightest chance to land a job at Fiverr. However, with persistence and hard work, one can slowly build a name on the website. Typically, job posters look for individuals with a pristine 5-star record. 


When you are just starting, refrain from offering your services at high prices. You could gradually increase your fees a few transactions later.

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Browse these remote job sites today

Remote work has its benefits. If you feel that these benefits suit you, you may want to start looking for options. Start with any remote job sites, and get the job you deserve.

But before you can land the perfect job, you have to submit the perfect resume first. Whether you need to update your resume for a career change or learn how to reply to job offers via email, equipping yourself with the proper knowledge is key to being prepared.

Good luck with your job hunting!

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