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Video Job Interview Tips You Should Know by Heart

Job hunting can be one of the most life-defining and anxiety-inducing experiences all of us have to go through. When we are chosen among the many aspirants, we feel there is no more incredible honor. You have come this far — one step more, and you are finally there. 

The interview can either make or break your application. A video interview is where you get to talk to the employer or hiring manager without the veil or limitation of a written letter or voice call. With visuals, your adeptness in understanding cues, wit in answering, your overall socialization skills, and many more are put to the test… live. There is no rewind in interviews. 

There is only one thing and only one thing to do: Ace that interview. 

Helpful Tips to Ace a Video Job Interview

Before the Interview

Preparation is key to acing your interview, especially if you have not had any experience. In fact, we believe it’s the most important tip for acing any job interview. 

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When you get the schedule of your interview, you should start getting ready immediately. 

Let us start the interview preparation tips with data gathering. The very first thing to do is to research the company. Your approach should be suitable not just for the role you are applying for but also for the company’s business. The goal of this is to anticipate how the video interview will eventuate. 

Consider these essential questions:

  • Where will the interview be? If needed, can you be interviewed from home?
  • Are you familiar with different video communication platforms? How comfortable are you with using technology?

Onsite vs. Remote Video Interview

Onsite Video Interview

Some companies will ask you to visit their office for a video interview. The interview questions may be pre-recorded, as your responses will be for later evaluation. It can also be live, where the interviewer is usually in another room. 

There are two reasons why a video interview is being utilized over face-to-face, considering you are already on site. 

The first reason may be to assess your ease of using computer hardware and programs, your adeptness in following instructions, and your ability to demonstrate newly learned skills right away. 

Another would be to have you ready on-site to discuss and sign your contract should you pass. Some companies still prefer to meet their hires in person and to have them sign the documents by hand when they are accepted.

Remote Video Interview

Video interviews can be done remotely. Like onsite video interviews, remote video interviews can either be pre-recorded or live as well. Pre-recorded ones are less common than the remote, though. This is because remote interviews are usually used by companies with no physical sites or are based far away. 

Within the interview, you may be offered the job right away. Most will ask you to wait for an email confirmation with an attached contract that you can digitally sign.

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Preparing for the Interview

So how do you prepare yourself for a virtual meeting? Here are some video job interview tips that you need to know:

1. Prepare as you would for an in-person interview

Video interviews go like in-person meetings — except that they’re done virtually. In the end, both aim to get to know you more to determine your fit for the position they want to be filled. 

Research well on the responsibilities entailed by the role and learn as much as you can about the company. Anticipate common interview questions and plan your responses to tailor fit the personality of the business.

2. Familiarize yourself with online communication tools

You should get to know some of the communication platforms are Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Skype. 

Try calling family and friends using all these communication tools if you don’t know yet what the interviewer will be using. If you do, conduct a dry run with it beforehand, so you don’t need to do last-minute installations right before the interview schedule.

3. Be familiar with troubleshooting

Learn basic troubleshooting, so you know how to handle technical difficulties and solve them.

4. Plan on what to wear

Video interviews are as impactful as in-person meetings. Dress to impress in tidy, professional clothes.

5. Find some support

If you know someone who has applied with the company before, ask them what the experience was like. You can also read up on the internet, and you will most likely find Reddit threads or Facebook groups with people sharing their experiences. 

Learn from them. Think what you would’ve answered if you were asked the questions, and record yourself verbalizing these. It will practice you looking at the camera while speaking without feeling awkward. 

6. Setup a conducive environment for your interview

For remote video job interviews, find a room or a corner at home — or maybe a spot in a workstation for rent — that is well-lit, neat, professional, and absolutely free of distraction. 

After that, set the necessary tech that you will need. Ensure you have a stable internet connection and have a backup ready. An HD video connection will require at least 1 Mbps. Make sure also that your webcam and audio are working perfectly so you and your interviewer won’t encounter issues. 

Next, place your equipment where they can function optimally. For one, the camera must capture your entire face and upper body, so your facial expression and gestures are visible. Your mic must also catch your voice clearly and in real-time. Also, your headset should not deliver muffled or broken sounds.

Meanwhile, free your computer from any unnecessary activities. Only run what you need. At your desk, have on ready a pen and notepad, your resume and cover letter, and papers that you may need. 

Ease is also a priority. Organize your setup according to your comfort. Some people like to speak standing up. Some prefer to be sitting down. Either is okay as long you don’t look up or down at your interviewer. You should be at eye level for a more natural effect. 

Finally, don’t forget to turn your phone/s off or in silent mode to prevent any notifications from cutting in on your conversation. Arrange for some water within reach as well in case you’ll need it.

During the Interview

Video interviews usually take about 30 minutes to an hour. You will only have this much time to make your mark and set yourself apart from all other applicants. 

The following are some video job interview tips that you can practice during the meeting:

1. Be on time or earlier

If you are given a link or an invite to a virtual meeting, you can always send your request to join the meeting a few minutes before. So, when your time slot has begun, all the interviewer has to do is let you in the conference. 

2. Be focused

Answer the questions completely and concisely. Practice active listening. In as few words as possible, make sure the interviewer can picture what you are talking about. Refrain from talking too much and losing focus. 

3. Engage with the interviewer

To make your conversation realistic and spontaneous, look at the camera when you are speaking. This makes your interviewer feel as though you truly are talking to them. It will have a similar effect to making eye contact in person.

Should you need to look away to grab records or data that may be asked, let your interviewer know. 

4. Mimic the interviewer’s disposition

Feel the mood surrounding the interview, and match it. For instance, do not be too informal and bubbly when the interviewer is professional.

5. Brace yourself for any unexpected interruptions

We will never know, but heaven forbid you are interrupted by unprecedented disturbances, like noise or people. If this happens, excuse yourself politely, get rid of the distractions, and make sure you will not be disturbed again until the meeting is over. 

In case that you cannot resume the meeting, such as in the case of a power cut, contact the hiring manager to apologize, explain the dilemma, and courteously ask for a reschedule.

6. Prepare for on-the-spot hiring

Sometimes, a company can decide there and then that they want to hire you. Learn how to accept a job offer. Take note of the documentation and the onboarding process so you know what to do should you decide to accept their proposal.

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After the Interview

Even after the video job interview, you still have the opportunity to leave a strong, lasting, favorable impression. 

Send an email showing your gratitude for the time the interviewer has allowed you. Express that you had a pleasant time and let them know you are excited for the next step of the application. 

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Use these tips and win that video job interview

Developing technology, globalization, and the persisting pandemic have made video job interviews a competent way of screening applications. While it enabled employers and businesses to strive for uninterrupted productivity, it required the workforce to adapt to the new system as well. 

We wish you the best of luck with our video job interview tips and get that job!

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