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Any job in the field of accounting and finance is competitive, energetic, and fast-paced. If you are looking to land an esteemed post in the field, a standout accounting and finance resume is essential. To start, you only need to select a template from our array of impressive accounting and finance resume examples. For more tips on how to perfect your accounting and finance resume, read through our pointers below.

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Tips for Writing a Standout Accounting & Finance Resume

The field of accounting and finance is an integral component of any business or industry. It keeps these establishments and institutions running and is key to their success.

If you are eyeing to get an impressive job in the field of accounting and finance, it helps to have a grasp of its competitive nature. For starters, recruiters and hiring managers for jobs in the field are always on the lookout for talented candidates. They are eager to take on individuals who will make great additions to their respective institutions. With this in mind, you need to anticipate that you will vie for a position with the cream of the crop. Your fellow candidates will undoubtedly be just as qualified and competent as you.

To stand out from the cutthroat candidate pool, it is crucial to have a foolproof accounting and finance resume. While choosing an outstanding template from our selection of resume examples gets half the job done, it will not suffice. You also need to supplement your choice of a template with substantial considerations.

In a nutshell, the formula to a standout application is to choose from some excellent accounting and finance resume examples and then learn how to write one. We list our top pointers below to guide you with both.

1. Put the Spotlight on Your Skills Section

According to some leading professionals in the field, the top characteristics that recruiters and hiring managers look for in accounting and finance candidates include expertise, precision, and technical know-how. Inherently, this field is heavily skills-based. To target this particular inclination, it pays to highlight and perfect your skills section.

Your skills section should be compelling and exhaustive, whether you are crafting an accounting resume or a finance resume. List all relevant skills and competencies and feature a winning balance between hard and soft skills. As a rule of thumb, hard skills refer to technical competencies, whereas soft skills pertain to personal characters related to how you work.

For your reference, the following are some examples of skills that you can include in your accounting resume or finance resume. These examples feature both hard skills and soft skills that will work well on your accounting resume or finance resume.

  • Analytical Skills
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Team Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Software Proficiency
  • Time Management

As you figure out the best way on how to write an account and finance resume and the skills section that comes with it, keep track of the job description. Note some keywords and key phrases and try to weave them into your skills section. Any of our accounting and finance resume examples will help you create a compelling skills section.

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2. Strengthen Your Work Experience Section

To ascertain your expertise and competencies, recruiters and hiring managers will undoubtedly peruse your work experience section. Regardless if you are submitting an accounting resume or a finance resume, your work experience section should be impactful and effective.

Start your work experience section with your most recent position and list the rest of your work employment details chronologically. Your work experience section should end with the first position in your employment history. Do not forget to include specifics on position titles, company names, and dates, and be sure to add a concise description for each position as well.

If you are a fresh graduate with little to no information to add to your work experience section, you can feature any internship positions. Additionally, include lengthy descriptions of your responsibilities and contributions during your internship period.

You can find both accounting resume examples and finance resume examples that will highlight your work experience section strategically from our template library.

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3. Include a Section for Your Educational Background

Recruiters and hiring managers for accounting and finance positions also tend to assess a candidate’s educational background. This helps further their knowledge of a candidate’s expertise and training.

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4. Make a Strong Case for Your Employment Details in Your Resume Summary

Writing an effective resume summary is a surefire way of enticing recruiters and hiring managers to consider you for the job. Learning how to write an accounting and finance resume summary means highlighting your employment details according to what the job entails. Additionally, your resume summary should be concise and straight to the point.

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5. Use the Services of an Excellent Online Resume Builder

Now that you know how to write an accounting and finance resume, the next step is to find a standout template. Access and use our three-step online resume builder to get started. It is easy, convenient, and industry- and HR-approved to guarantee your chances at success. You only need to select a template from our library of accounting resume examples and finance resume examples, add your details, and complete your resume!

6. Ensure That Your Resume Summary Is Polished and Precise

Before you finalize your resume, ensure that it is free from any misspellings and inaccuracies. Precision is essential in the field of accounting and finance, and this should reflect in your application. Having some misspellings and inaccuracies in your resume will send the wrong message to recruiters and hiring managers about your skills and competencies. A few proofreading sessions will count as the finishing touches for your standout accounting and finance resume.

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