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Engineering is one of the most hailed professions in the economy. It is highly competitive, and engineers had to undergo rigorous education and training to acquire specialized experience and certifications. However, landing an engineering profession does not stop after school. The ideal engineering resume should emphasize the best qualities an applicant possesses to fulfill the specialized role satisfactorily.

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Engineering Resume Templates

Engineering resume templates can be simple, professional, modern, or creative. The best engineering resume templates depend on your career or track record and the recruiters. For example, a recruiter might require a specific template that is head-on or direct. In this case, a simple engineering resume template is appropriate because simple templates are list-like with their block texts, bulleted points, and brief descriptions. This type of resume design template is particularly advantageous to experienced engineers who can include in their resumes all of their accomplishments and projects over the years without the need to trim the resume length down.

A different example would be of an aspirant that is new to the industry and does not have lengthy, extensive experience yet. A creative engineering template is more fitting in this situation. Creative engineering templates will enable the applicant to detail how their soft and hard skills are bankable assets and present how they are worthy of the opportunity.

The best source online, ResumeGuy, provides numerous resume templates to choose from in applying for engineering positions.

Engineering Resume Formats

Traditional resume formats have somehow become outdated and monotonous in today’s digital, modern world. Applicants must know how to choose trendy and efficient resume formats in this day and age. ResumeGuy provides the best resume formats that you can choose from to sell yourself to your prospective employer effectively. The identified formats are the chronological resume formats, functional resume formats, combination resume format, targeted resume formats, and mini resume format. Each can be successful in increasing your chances of hiring.

However, the chronological format is considered the universal engineering resume format. It is very potent in securing engineering jobs because it emphasizes incumbency and accomplishments as concrete proof of professional capacity. To the less experienced applicants, the functional engineering resume format is best as it is highly skill-based and focuses on competitive qualities over tenure.

How to write a good engineering resume

Like any other professional practice, graduates begin their career journey with job applications. An engineering resume is a formal document that engineers present to recruiters and employers to exhibit their credentials and qualifications to practice their craft with the company. Whether you are a civil, chemical, computer, electrical, industrial, manufacturing, mechanical, software, research, process engineer, an impactful resume will always be a plus for recruiters.

  • Design an ingenious engineering resume.

    Opt for a more modern look on your engineering resume. Engineers are inventors. They are creators and are presumed to be contemporary. Show that you are progressive with a sleek and elegant resume format.

  • Begin with a compelling resume summary.

    Here is an example of a two-sentence resume summary that compactly but perfectly describes a Health and Safety Engineer:

    A skilled Health and Safety Engineer with over seven years of experience in controlling risks in industrial spaces and research facilities by designing systems that minimize health hazards. Dedicated to creating a safe workplace, promoting and protecting employees’ health, and strictly compliant with local health and safety laws.

  • Highlight your schools, training, and seminars.

    The best engineering resumes mention where they acquired their skills.

    Because it is a profession that requires education, training and licensing, it is best to highlight in your engineering resume what prestigious and well-known schools and centers you gained your knowledge and prowess.

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  • Don’t forget to take note of your past projects and accomplishments.

    Along with other professions that deal with mathematics, science, and technology, the length and currentness of tenure and the number of projects accomplished is the most effective way to impress the hiring managers. Thus, a good engineering resume should emphasize these essential details.

    Whether your involvement was/is in only one or throughout creating a product or structure, specify your role. Use powerful action words like designing, modeling, building, and manufacturing, among others. To describe your soft skills, throw in dynamic phrases like strong analytical and problem-solving skills, attention to detail, artistry and originality, inventiveness, and innovation.

  • Select a suitable resume format.

    Check that your engineering resume is in a format that is easy on the eyes.

    Keep your resume limited to a page. Secure a second page to list down accomplished or ongoing projects. It is also essential to note your role or your responsibilities in these projects.

    Opt for non-script font styles appropriately sized to accentuate critical points in the engineering resume adequately.

    Provide pit stops by inserting white spaces wherever that is necessary.

    Unless instructed otherwise, save it as a PDF and send it as an attachment for a more professional approach.

  • Spell check & error-proof everything.

    Make sure that your engineering resume is free from errors in spelling, grammar, formatting, etc. Engineers train to be keen, precise, and detail-oriented, so engineering resumes should reflect these qualities.

  • A unique and personalized resume for success.

    Prepare a personalized engineering resume for each company if you are applying to multiple companies. Hiring managers spend only seconds scanning over resumes. They read hundreds of resumes and can quickly sort out generic ones over the dedicated resumes. Make your engineering resume standout by carefully researching what specific skill set the company is particularly looking for and understand how this job position contributes to the company’s advancement to create an engineering resume tailor-fit for the role.

    Strengthen your engineering resume by detailing what you can bring into the company to highlight the mutual goals you have with the company.

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  • Look at examples & ideal formats.

    Research engineering resume examples so you can differentiate how different formats and styles can feel to the recipient. This tip will help you decide what approach fits best for the position and the company you are applying.


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