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Information technology is the use of systems to organize, protect and manipulate data. The information technology department’s task is with hardware setup and maintenance, technology operations that include network design and maintenance, technical support and testing of security systems, and IT governance and running systems. To join the teams of forward-thinking IT specialists and engineers, you will need an infallible information technology resume to start.

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How to write an IT resume

In today’s modern world, information technology has become a norm - a necessity even. Especially for large-scale operations, information technology has enabled businesses to cope with increasing demand for speed and efficiency.

Information technology careers like computer support specialists, information security and computer systems analysts, database administrator, network administrators, system architects require an exceptional mindset, a positive attitude, and a tremendous scale of computer skills. A robust information technology resume that showcases these qualifications should land you a role in the prestigious industry.

  • Always start with IT resume examples.

    Start by searching information technology resume templates, and IT resume examples available on the internet to get updated. Skim through samples of up-to-date resume templates to decide on the best look for the role that you are applying for. It creates the first impression and determines whether the recipient gets interested or bored.

    Similar to other formal documents, a resume should set the right tone and mood for your application. Your information technology resume should be impressive at first sight. It’s best to choose a modern, professional template.

  • Create an outline and a draft.

    Take the time to check out these general tips on how to write a resume that will help you create an organized draft.

  • Make use of IT-related keywords.

    Begin a strong engineering resume with a summary that uses IT keywords such as resourcefulness, creative abilities, exceptional analytical and organizational skills.

    Use numbers to illustrate your track record. For example, include years of experience, employee performance rating, how much (in percentage) the company has improved its delivery of services or products after you’ve set up IT systems, etc.

    Your resume summary should also mention if you are certified. IT certifications are essential in the information technology industry. Stating it in the resume summary is the quickest way to impress.

  • Include integral skills and qualifications.

    List down the core and complementary details, skills, experience, and portfolio you would like to include in your information technology resume. Choose a resume format that efficiently exhibits your finest qualities. It should strategically accentuate your greatest assets and the skills specified in the job listing.

    There is no perfect resume format or template. In reality, the best information technology resume examples came to be by taking into account the unique attributes of each aspirant and smartly organized them to show how the applicant fits into the role.

  • Prioritize the important things.

    The ideal information technology samples prioritize the skills specified in the job description and then add in other useful skills to show you are capable of more.

    On the other hand, if you need to trim it down, opt for specific skills and leave out the vague or generic ones.

    For instance, instead of saying “Computer Guru,” say “Expert in (insert specific skill).” The best information technology resume examples contain a technical skills section that itemizes specific competencies such as:

    • Cloud computing
    • Software development and maintenance
    • Data privacy and cybersecurity
    • C# programming
    • Data analytics
    • IoT integration
  • Be precise with your educational background and certifications.

    In the education section of your information technology resume, you can detail the certifications that you have indicated in the resume summary.

    Certified data professional (CDP), CompTIA A+, and Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) are examples of highly valuable IT certifications. These certifications effectively show that you are credible and value continued learning, without any need for fluff words.

  • Set up an impactful work experience section.

    In place of monotonous descriptions of your responsibilities, make it evocative by describing how you were able to solve a common but nagging IT problem in most companies. There are high chances that the recipient employer has experienced this persisting problem and may relate to the situation you’ve narrated. Having a detailed but concise work experience section would benefit you and the hiring manager’s convenience.

    For example, discuss how you’re setting up collaborative tools that have increased teamwork productivity or how your company has increased revenue by installing systems and applications that accelerated requests and responses.

    Be mindful of how you present your latest employment. It should effectively bridge your current skill set to the job that needs to be filled up.

  • Use resume building tools.

    Instead of a traditional document application, why not use a handy resume builder tool to assess if the overall presentation satisfactorily advertises your assets. Such web-based tools also help make adjustments if necessary.

    Resumes sent over online are advantageous. This way, you can provide links to your online portfolio. Sending resumes in this way does not only ensure that you produce a well-balanced resume that is pleasing to the eyes but your online space and presence also effectively shows that your information technology skills are proven and up to date.

    If the hiring manager specifically asked for a single-page engineering resume to be comprehensive enough without web-enabled features, list down the projects you have accomplished, awards, or recognition that you received in your career.

  • Express your need for growth.

    Information technology is endlessly developing, and you should reflect that. The ideal information technology resume sample implicitly tells the company that they aren’t only going to get your current skill set but also your growth potential. This creates the impression that you can be an indispensable company asset.

  • Create more than one resume.

    Produce a number of information technology resume samples from the resume templates that you have picked out. Prepare one for every application. Avoid following generic IT resume examples online. Make sure to create individualized resumes for each company you are reaching out for.


Applying for high-skilled, demanding jobs in the information technology industry can be daunting and intimidating. Keep in mind that there are resume writing resources that you can use to your advantage. These information technology resume examples will surely land you that interview so you can start your dream career.

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