Maintenance & Repair Resume Examples

A maintenance job resume is one of the types of resumes especially designed for the maintenance and repair industry. A resume for a maintenance position should emphasize relevant skills in the general or routine tasks that beautify, preserve, and restore machinery, devices, equipment, or structure in an industrial or residential setting or business establishments.

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How to write a resume for a maintenance position

A resume is considered an essential tool when applying for a job. It is a document that presents an applicant’s personal and contact details and lists down the background, educational attainment, skills, qualifications, credentials, and other information about the person’s career to secure new employment.

Resume examples according to the form of the economic branch you are in or vying for are also provided to help you create a fitting and focused resume. A resume for a maintenance position is an example of a specialized resume.

Maintenance resumes are used by housekeepers, janitors, carpenters, masons, plumbers, electricians, technicians, and mechanics. To make your resume well-noted by Hiring Managers, take note of these tips on how to write a resume for a maintenance position:

Start strong

Create a maintenance resume with a powerful profile summary. A resume summary is a two-sentence paragraph following the heading. Unlike the common resume objective, a resume summary declares your standing in the industry.

Here are examples of maintenance resume summaries that efficiently condenses your career in one to two sentences:

  • An expert handyman with ten years of experience in the installation and basic repair of electrical systems, air-conditioning, plumbing, carpentry, masonry, and welding works. Handled training and management of teams to contract residential, private, and industrial businesses.
  • Skilled and experienced housekeeper with five years of tenure in 5-star hotels strictly adhering to management policies to consistently deliver high-quality service in the cleaning, sanitation, and organization of the accommodation facilities.

Be unique

The jobs in the maintenance industry are highly specialized. Maintenance resumes should bring into the spotlight expertise in particular tasks to stand out from novices.

For instance, instead of saying “Able to perform managerial tasks,” opt to detail your competence in training new hires, creating well-balanced teams of tenured employees and beginners so they can accomplish tasks efficiently while gaining experience, and mention your knack for scheduling, managing, and documentation of job appointments.

The following are more examples of hard skills described clearly and concisely:

  • Painting, carpentry, masonry, and welding work to support the structure and aesthetics of landscape and building structures
  • Coordinate requests for miscellaneous services and maintenance and documentation, scheduling of staff shifts, and workload
  • Ensures compliance of establishment to local sanitation codes

Exude confidence and dependability

The ideal maintenance resume should exhibit the applicant’s control and reliability in the enterprise. The maintenance sector is responsible for securing smooth daily operations.

Some repair and maintenance jobs do not need degrees, and a high school diploma is usually sufficient. In cases where aspirants are required to complete programs from a community college or an equivalent, include an organized listicle of training certificates and credentials to show your capability to fulfill the role.

Accreditation and licenses vary by local governments. Make sure to mention in your maintenance resume that you have complete documents to assure employers that you are compliant with legal requirements.

Describe the job to be your vocation

Practice and experience are inherently the requirements to be competent and knowledgeable in repair and maintenance work. A career in repair and maintenance means constant, dedicated physical work and manual labor to acquire the skills. Thus, aside from formal documents supporting your schooling and legal right to work, your maintenance resume should enumerate the recognitions you have been awarded in your previous or current company.

Excellent resume examples for maintenance jobs end powerful with a section like this:


  • Employee of the year 2019
  • Top Performer Recognition 2018

To show your commitment to the profession, you can also end your maintenance resume with a plan that you want to envision with the company.

Here is from a top maintenance resume sample:


Perfecting acquired expertise and exploring new skills to prepare for a management role, looking to get hired in a company similarly valuing quality housekeeping services to customers.

Equally highlight soft skills relevant to the job position

If you are a beginner or an apprentice, design your maintenance resume by listing your work ethics, ability to cooperate and work with a team, to learn fast, versatility, adeptness in investigating and solving problems, adherence to company policies and safety protocols, and to finish work in a timely manner will show that you deserve the opportunity to enhance your skills further.

For those applying for management roles, a maintenance resume with a short description of the tenure and accomplishments should be enough. Maintenance resumes of experienced employees should focus on unique skills to supervisors and call attention to qualities that a leader and a manager must possess.

Keep it professional

Maintenance job resumes should be neat and proper, formatted with adequate spacing, with text put together methodologically to be easily understood. A maintenance resume should use a professional and visible font style and appropriate size within 11-12, with a 1-inch margin on all sides.

Emphasize your name, job title, and personal details, much like promoting a brand, your stamp of excellence.

The ideal maintenance resume is free from spelling and grammar mistakes. Using resume builders like ResumeGuy with the help of experts is recommended to have the best maintenance resume that will significantly increase your chances of getting hired. There are some templates that can guide you to produce your resume in appropriate formats that will highlight your assets.

Exceed expectations

The purpose of any job listing is to look for candidates who possess certain qualities. A good maintenance resume effectively shows how an applicant fits the role. However, the best maintenance resume should show that the aspirant has the needed qualities and has the potential that grows along with the company.


The best maintenance resumes effectively advertise what employers in the repair and maintenance industry are looking for: loyal, competent team players who practice establishment values and share the company goals. A slovenly maintenance resume will not get you past hiring managers’ first review. Personal and professional details should be smartly arranged and presented correctly.

Building a resume shouldn’t be as hard as it seems to be. With ResumeGuy, create a resume from hundreds of job-winning and HR-approved templates that would bring you one step closer to your dream job.

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