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The medical field is full of brilliant and talented professionals teamed up to deliver comprehensive medical care that starts with diagnosing, testing, and treating illnesses. It also includes preventive measures and research for advancement. To be part of this esteemed workforce, you must begin your applications with first-rate resumes that exude excellence. Along with general resume writing tips, ResumeGuy’s catalog of medical resume examples is your ultimate guide to creating your best resume yet.

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How to write a medical resume

The most well-known medical practitioners and healthcare workers are Nurses, Epidemiologists, Audiologists, Medical Assistants, Pharmacists, Dentists, Sonographers, Medical Technicians, Doctors and Therapists in general practice, and those who have specializations like Psychiatrists and Psychologists. They may be in Clinical Practice, Surgery, Biomedical Research, and many other branches of medicine, but wherever the setting, the goal of all in the medical industry is to promote an optimum state of health. Because health is a necessity, all consider Medicine to be one of the most important vocations in the industry.

  • Craft ATS-friendly resumes.

    Applicant tracking systems do the first sweep of applications received by the hiring managers or recruiters. Creating ATS-friendly resumes is vital so your application can get into human hands.

    You can simply get through the ATS checking by using keywords from the job listings and refraining from using unconventional section titles or headings.

  • Make sure that your profile summary completely encapsulates your career.

    Recruiters usually look for an expert in a particular field. However, the truth is, in the medical industry, no skill or experience is invaluable.

    There are several branches of medicine, and sometimes, a professional can be practicing in more than one. Your medical field resume should show all of your titles if you have many, but most importantly, it should focus attention on the role the hiring managers need. Present your medical resume displaying your other competencies as proof of your caliber and as beneficial supportive skills.

    For instance, a job listing looking for a general practitioner for a geriatric center would help a doctor with advanced knowledge in Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Thus, you must highlight this in your resume summary over your skill in, say, infectious diseases or dermatology. This way, you illustrate your fit to the role while somewhat saying that you also have additional skills useful to the employer or the institution. You are a product on a promo. It’s like buying one piece and ending up getting the whole package. Advertise yourself well!

  • Highlight your skills & education.

    Unless instructed otherwise, devise a medical resume in a combination format. As mentioned, skills and experience are equally important in the medical field. The combination format will effectively showcase both without playing down one over the other.

    Circumvent a lengthy skill section by listing down all your credentials and certifications in the education section of your medical resume. For example, your Intravenous Therapy Training Certificate will explicitly and sufficiently attest to your expertise in IV insertion, care for intravenous lines, hook in ordered intravenous fluids, and administering intravenous medications - all without taking up so much text space in your medical resume.

  • Focus on what’s necessary.

    Medical professionals are expected to be healthy mentally, physically, psychologically, and socially. It is presumed that those in the health industry have the basics mastered.

    Therefore, it is unnecessary and unremarkable to enumerate vague and generic skills like Communication or Critical Thinking skills. Impress with a research-backed, specific, and polished skills section.

    For example:

    Assisted attending physicians in administering treatment procedures catering to an average of 50 patients daily.

    Proficiently used computer applications in the documentation, increasing the accuracy rate of patient data on record to 99.9%.

  • Write a complete Education Section.

    In the medical industry, prestigious schools are recognized and highly regarded. This is also true for your pre-med major and major in med school. Make sure these details along in your education section and where you completed your practicum, and where you received your training and certifications are included in your medical resume.

  • Use a resume builder.

    Using ResumeGuy’s medical resume builders, produce medical resume samples personalized to each job you are applying for.

    Medical resume builders will equip you with a ton of hints that will help you create aesthetically pleasing and performing medical resumes.

    Begin by checking out ResumeGuy’s medical resume templates. Proceed by choosing which templates best fit not just the roles but the establishment’s hiring.

    In particular, hospitals often require specific formatting, while diagnostic or research centers usually don’t. This is because hospitals typically get more applicants than smaller institutions. Consistent formatting helps them sifts through resumes faster. Thus, select appropriate medical resume templates according to instruction. Do not get your medical resume discarded for trivial but avoidable mistakes.

    Don’t fret, though. ResumeGuy’s medical resume templates will help you conveniently construct similar but personalized versions of your medical resume so you can comply with whatever required formatting without risking quality or content.

  • Include your relevant awards and accomplishments.

    End your medical resume impressively with an Awards and Accolades section.

    You can also opt for an Activities section finale that enumerates your volunteer work and conferences hosted or attended.

  • Always submit with a cover letter.

    Accompany your medical resume samples with equally compelling cover letters using proven recommendations that will boost your application so you can get that interview you are hankering for. Your cover letters can expound on your soft skills - your values and work ethics, so you don’t have to clutter your medical resumes with long phrases.

    Instead of flowery words, use power words that are demonstrative and incontestable instead. Managed, organized, educated, secured, improved, and coordinated are some examples.

    Key points to emphasize are your ability to maintain professionalism under pressure, your ability to communicate with other medical professionals and the nescient public effectively, and your commitment to the best patient care while compliant with strict laws and regulations.


You might not have expected to be in the same grueling process as your university application after schooling.

ResumeGuy understands that practical, efficient resume guides are needed so professionals can show their prestige with ease and convenience. Reveal your laurels and personality with ResumeGuy’s medical resume examples!

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