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Social work deals with the well-being and interaction of the individual, families, and groups in society. It takes care of the community by dissecting the people’s needs that make up the unit and an academic discipline that often takes a community-based approach to identify common problems in society that afflict their social life. Therefore, social work resumes should compellingly show an applicant’s passion for social participation and driving change in the communities.

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How to write a social work resume

Healthcare, psychiatric, substance and alcohol abuse, child, family, school, case managers, caregivers, nannies and sitters, and juvenile counselors are all examples of career focuses in the social work vocation. Each has distinct roles and responsibilities, but all are focused on social health and wellness for the citizens in their district.

  • Establish a resume summary.

    In your resume’s profile summary, set a tone that is of thoughtfulness and compassion. Describe how your skills were developed by an innate sense of social responsibility, advocacy to social development and how these translated into your track record.

  • Select a good resume template with a proper format.

    Explore resume formats so you can decide on what best advertises your attributes. Trial out resume templates and pick out the best model that suits the position you are vying for. After outlining the essential skills and achievements you want to include in your social work resume, make sure to follow these resume writing tips and guidelines that experts recommend.

  • Highlight your unique qualities.

    The scope of social work is broad, and most of the time, the social worker will have to have the intuition, critical thinking skills, and ability to anticipate the subject’s needs to call on the right resources and solve issues.

    While this competence is necessary, not all social workers possess it. It is a sad reality that hiring managers have to face. Thus, it is crucial that your resume sets you apart from the mediocre ones. It should declare that you aren’t limited to imperfect processes in the system, and you can see the bigger picture to provide the appropriate care on your cases. Remember, the social worker’s key role is to pinpoint mental, emotional, and social issues and then coordinate services.

    Besides mentioning the general characteristics you share with an ideal social worker, note what makes you extraordinary. If you take the extra mile and proactively do more and excel, list it down. You can efficiently highlight your unique attributes by ending your social work resume with an Additional Activities section.

  • The ideal social work resume highlights essential values.

    Social workers practice by a code of ethics that aims to provide service to those in need, social justice that fight against oppression, protects the intrinsic dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships in initiating change in the society, integrity, and mastery in their field.

    There are plenty of social work resume samples available that mention the important ideals a social worker should have but can be vague about how these values are being practiced. Thus, the best social work resume examples should contain specific concrete illustrations. For instance, if you are a Youth Services Specialist, opt to list down rehabilitative activities you’ve organized with relevant offices or the counseling appointments you have referred rather than writing “Able to coordinate with social welfare centers.”

  • Sell your skills and references.

    A website designer can effortlessly show their skills with a website. The competence of a social worker, though, cannot be displayed as quickly as that. Back up your listed skills by providing reliable character references that can attest to your capabilities. A former supervisor or a founder of a community outreach group you have worked with before will make good character references. If applicable, supplement your social work resume with a cover letter that details the person who referred or recommended you.

    Whenever possible, include surveys and statistical data that shows how your initiatives impacted the communities. Numbers can soundly illustrate your skills without taking so much space in your resume.

    Including a listicle of your certifications and conferences attended or hosted can also demonstrate your expertise in the field.

  • Follow proper formatting & fonts.

    Proper resume formatting is perhaps the most indispensable of all social work resume tips. The ideal social work resume formatting should give a great first impression enhancing the document’s overall presentation. A professional social work resume should have a proper format with a simple yet neat font style. Standard margins are at 1 inch, but as long as it isn’t lower than 0.7 inches, it should be fine. The ideal social work resume samples are one to two pages long and enhanced with a cover letter.

  • Submit the right format.

    Professional social work resumes should be tailor-fit for the role and organization you want. A generic resume may seamlessly pass through Applicant Tracking Systems, but hiring managers would skim through it and would not grace it with a second look when it gets into the human hands.

    The social work resume examples by ResumeGuy make sure to keep your document eye-catching while remaining ATS-friendly.

    Another tip would be to prepare several social worker resume samples if you are applying to different institutions. Modify each one depending on the job description of each listing. The ATS is designed to detect keywords from job descriptions and discards those resumes that do not contain them, so make sure every sample you have includes corresponding watchwords.

  • Don’t forget to spell and grammar check.

    In addition to the above-mentioned social work resume tips, remember to keep your social work resume correct and proper by running it in spelling and grammar checkers.

    Utilizing an online resume builder tool also helps you to craft your social worker resume easily, so you can focus on salient details rather than on design and formatting while avoiding mistakes.


There are a lot of resumes online that are outdated and lifeless. With these ResumeGuy social work resume examples, you are sure to secure that interview with an impressive resume that highlights your capabilities and skills!

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