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Choosing the best templates for your resumes is a crucial step in creating a legible and professional resume. At ResumeGuy, we understand that choosing the best resume layout can be a daunting task. That’s why we have incorporated all the necessary tools and resources in our online resume builder to help you create an impressive resume that displays your best attributes and helps you secure jobs easier and faster.

Professional Green Resume

Impress your employers by using this simple yet effective resume that coins professionalism at first glance. It adopts a green and white color scheme that creates a bold exterior and lists your skills and experience neatly. The design becomes a treat for the recruiter's eyes with its sharp font and bullet points placed intelligently to attract maximum attention. Use this resume template now to customize a professional resume in our online resume builder!

White Minimalist Resume

Catch your employer's attention by using this black and white minimalist resume. It has a simple yet sophisticated design that lists your professional experience and career details in a refined font. On the right edge, the template displays a graphical measure of your skill level while mentioning your proficiency in different languages below it. Customize your resume using this template with the online resume builder now!

Attractive Green Resume

Use this attractive green resume to highlight your career details in a visually appealing format. This resume template adopts a beautiful layout that stages your name, photo, and address over a bright green header at the top. Then, it draws the recruiter's attention towards your experience listed in a sleek and space-efficient font. You have a graphical measure of your skills on the left side, aiding your resume's strength. Use this resume template now, and customize it online!

Classic White Resume

Build your resume by customizing this classic white resume template and impress your recruiters. It has a clean layout that makes the texts easy to read, and stylishly features your capabilities. It has an appealing facade that focuses on your skills and experiences, listed in an adorable font style. Also, the design uses a light-blue color scheme to present a cheerful look to your professional journey. Choose this resume template and customize it in the online resume builder now!

Modern Green Resume

Showcase your career in the best way possible with this Modern Green Resume template. It features your picture and name over a green header that captivates attention at first sight. The clean design adopts easy-to-read texts, which makes it effortless for recruiters to skim through it. The simple layout highlights your skills with a graphical measure of your expertise in it. Get one a step closer to your dream job now and start customizing this resume online!

Clean & Simplistic Resume

Are you looking for a resume template that can present your diverse employment history in the simplest way possible? Look no further; this resume template adopts a simplistic design that allows your recruiters to focus on your work history. It displays your career details neatly while arranging all elements in an orderly fashion. The light color scheme makes sure that the resume is easy to read and appeals to the viewer’s eyes. Use this template and use it to continue your professional legacy.

Simple Professional Resume

This simple professional resume presents a light color scheme that offers a bold look for your career. It has your details in a sleek font distributed under relevant headings emphasized by rectangular blue strips. This resume has enough space to highlight your skills and experiences neatly and impress your recruiters with your professional tone. Get the job of your dreams by using this template in reality. Build your resume now!

Brown Attractive Resume

This template uses a brown color strip at the right side that provides a striking contrast over a white background. It has a clean design to make the texts more readable and easy to navigate. The resume's layout focuses on your experiences while highlighting your skills over the brown- colored strip to attract maximum attention. Customize this template in the online resume builder and lay the founding stone of a career that you deserve!

Organized Professional Resume

Take the first step in winning your dream job using an organized resume template. It presents a simple layout that features your experiences neatly to impress your employers. Then, you have your career details in a regular font that gains your recruiters' attention instantly. The black and white color scheme creates a classic look that never ceases to amaze your employers. Build your resume with this template now!

Neat & Straightforward Resume

Amaze your employers by using a resume that highlights your personality with a photo at the top while featuring your career details arranged in segregated sections. It uses a simple design that divides the resume into parts to clear the clutter and attract the recruiters' undivided attention. The light colors create a calming look, which is pleasing to the eye and captivates the reader's interest. Build your resume with this template and rise above your recruiter's expectations now!

Black and White Resume

Use this classic black and white resume to get a job in any industry that provides equal weightage to skills and experiences. The simple design avoids a messy appearance by listing your experience on the left side and mentions your skills intelligently on the right. This template uses a fresh one-page layout that's easy to read with its classic font and calms the viewer's eyes with a single glance. Build your resume now with this template and rise with flying colors of success in securing a job.

Classic White Resume

Build your resume by customizing this classic white resume template and impress your recruiters. It has a clean layout that makes the texts easy to read, and stylishly features your capabilities. It has an appealing facade that focuses on your skills and experiences, listed in an adorable font style. Also, the design uses a light-blue color scheme to present a cheerful look to your professional journey. Choose this resume template and customize it in the online resume builder now!

In an increasingly competitive market like the job market, a perfectly crafted resume can be the secret weapon to set yourself apart from other applicants and be on course to land your dream job.

From fatter paychecks to new skills, to a new environment, to better working conditions, and more, a new job can open a wide range of opportunities. That's why you must ensure that you choose the best resume templates for your desired job.

An excellent resume layout would not only grab the attention of the recruiter or hiring manager, but it would also help you stand apart and give you an edge over other applicants.

Choosing the perfect resume layout can get overwhelming due to the numerous options available at your disposal. But here are a few simple yet essential rules that can help you narrow down your options to the most suitable ones for the job you seek.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Resume Templates

  • Familiarize yourself with the standards of your chosen industry.
  • Understand the tone of the company or organization.
  • Decide on the self-image you want to present.
  • Decide on the sections that are most relevant to your career.
  • Reflect on where you will need to add the most writing.
  • Evaluate the presentation and attractiveness of the template.
  • Find out if colors and icons are appropriate for your industry.
  • Lookout for logo and photo spaces if needed.
  • Evaluate the most attractive section of the template and ensure it matches your need.
  • Select the resume layout that expresses your style.

The various resume templates available here on our website are carefully trimmed to express the uniqueness and core strength of each candidate so they can be above the competition in the job market.

This is so because we know that as attractive as each resume template layouts can be, having too many resumes that are synonymous in style and tone is something that may not sit down well with any hiring manager.

That is why you must examine and understand the level of professionalism of the company you’re applying to and the industry at large. Then you can decide if a simple resume, a stylish modern one, a creative, or a professional resume would do the trick for such standards.

Our online resume builder will guide you through the process of formatting your resume and help you create a professionally built resume that’s suitable for any job role. That’s not all. In case you change your mind, our online resume builder tool is very flexible such that you can easily switch between templates without losing any previously entered information.

Components of the Best Template Layouts

Resumes generally consist of conventional elements like contact info, names, profile summary, works experience, educational background, skills, and achievements.

Like we mentioned earlier, our resume builder is very flexible and customizable as it allows you to add or remove any section and trim your resume based on your needs and that of the industry.

Our resume layouts are professionally designed to capture all your information on one page in a clear, concise, and attractive manner with the right balance of white space, texts, color, and icons. However, icons and colors should be used based on the practice and standards of the company where you intend to get hired.

Components of our online resume template layouts include the following elements:


Your name is the most crucial element of the resume, so your full name (middle name is optional) should feature prominently and boldly written. Your name is the first thing that would be sighted by the hiring manager, and you would want it to stick to the recruiter’s brain.

Contact Info

The hiring personnel should be able to reach you via your email address or phone number at all times, so make sure they are included and up to date. However, home address or location used to be a standard on resumes but have often been ignored in recent times depending on the hiring process and the company.

Social Media Handles

Hiring managers often like to check candidates' social media handles to understand their social and professional image. LinkedIn profiles are usually more appropriate in many professional settings, but you can also add your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook handles if your industry permits it.

Job Title

A job title helps you indicate what you do and your specialization, but you can leave it out if you’re applying for a more general role or if you don’t consider yourself an expert at a particular thing.

Resume Summary

Your resume summary is 2-4 lines of clear and concise introduction to your skill, education, experience, and personality. It is where you input your aim and objective for applying for the said job.

Work Experience

Your work experience, also called employment history, should be well spelled out in chronological order (i.e., from the most recent ones up to your first job). While outlining your work experience, your focus should be achievements rather than responsibilities, as it will help show the values you can add or bring to the company.


The educational background on your resume should also be highlighted in chronological order and may not be as lengthy as other elements. Include your GPA, expected graduation date, and other certifications or licenses relevant to your field.


Ideally, listing skills on a resume should be a combination of your soft skills, abilities, and hard or digital skills relevant to the position you want to apply for.


This section is where you indicate your language(s) of communication. Include languages that you clearly can speak and understand.

Optional Sections

These are elements that you don’t necessarily have to add, but you can choose to add them if you want your employees to have a closer look into your personality. They include awards & achievements if you haven’t highlighted them under your work and education section, hobbies, portfolios, references, volunteering, projects, etc.

Types of Resume Template Layouts

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a veteran in the industry, your resume or CV is the best way to make a first impression on the hiring manager and set yourself apart from other candidates. At ResumeGuy, we have curated a host of high-quality, dynamic, up-to-date industry-standard resume templates that can fit into various industries and career levels. We have grouped our resume layout collections into four different categories to make the task of choosing a resume template even easier for you.

The categories include;

1. Simple Resume Template

Our simple resume templates are the ones for you if you need a straightforward resume layout that can grab the recruiter’s attention with its classic touch, a fresh outlook, and a modern design scheme. The simple layout is a step up from the traditional layout as it captures and organizes all your vital information on the resume in a simple but aesthetic manner.

This layout is suitable for law, marketing, education, and any other position that only requires a resume that focuses basically on your skill and experience.

Build your resume now with our Simple Resume Templates!

2. Professional Resume Template

Professional resume templates are perfect for almost every position. They are best suited to serious professional roles where you need to showcase your experience with a touch of aesthetics and design flair.

Our professional resume templates offer clear and concise formatting which focuses primarily on your skill and experience. It is also attractive and aesthetically designed to set your resume apart from the rest of the stockpile before the hiring manager.

The Professional resume layouts on ResumeGuy would benefit job applicants in the administrative, medical, finance, and law field.

Build your resume now with our Professional Resume Templates!

3. Modern Resume Template

Modern resume layouts present you to your employers as a modern-thinking candidate beaming with optimism and confidence. Our modern resume templates are for the 21st-century capacity applicants and would love to express their skills on their resume.

The modern resume templates on ResumeGuy use brand-friendly fonts, icons, colors, and design schemes that are highly readable and easy to incorporate into your resume. This resume template layout is very versatile, and it’s suitable for candidates in tech, design, and several other start-ups and modern companies.

Build your resume now with our Modern Resume Templates!

4. Creative Resume Template

Fun and creative resume templates are perfect for jobs that require creative and innovative thinkers who can always think without the box and bring their innovative skills into play whenever it is needed.

Our online resume builder uses various interesting backgrounds, colorful accents, fonts, and spaces to beautifully layout strategic sections and elements in your creative resume.

The creative resume templates at ResumeGuy are useful for people looking to be hired in creative job positions such as web developments, content writing, web & graphic designing, UX & UI development, and more, with strategic sections laid out beautifully.

Build your resume now with our Creative Resume Templates!

Before you go, your resume is very vital to that dream job that you so much desire, and trying to put one together all by yourself is not only time and energy-consuming but can also be a complete waste of both. It can as well cost you the golden opportunity to make a mark or impression on your employers.

That is why we encourage the use of online resume builders. It is not only fast to complete but will also help you format and customize your resume to your desired needs, position, or industry.

All templates at ResumeGuy are professionally designed and uniquely trimmed to suit every applicant and their industry. They are sure to help you stand out from other applicants, stamp your resume in the minds of hiring managers or recruiters, get more interviews, and ultimately get hired for the job you desire.

Create a professional resume fast!

With a library of classic and professional templates, our resume generator can help you land jobs faster.

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