Professional Resume Templates

Are you applying for a manager role that requires suits and ties or an administrative job role? You should concretize your application with a professional resume.

Neat & Straightforward Resume

Amaze your employers by using a resume that highlights your personality with a photo at the top while featuring your career details arranged in segregated sections. It uses a simple design that divides the resume into parts to clear the clutter and attract the recruiters' undivided attention. The light colors create a calming look, which is pleasing to the eye and captivates the reader's interest. Build your resume with this template and rise above your recruiter's expectations now!

Brown Attractive Resume

This template uses a brown color strip at the right side that provides a striking contrast over a white background. It has a clean design to make the texts more readable and easy to navigate. The resume's layout focuses on your experiences while highlighting your skills over the brown- colored strip to attract maximum attention. Customize this template in the online resume builder and lay the founding stone of a career that you deserve!

Clean & Simplistic Resume

Are you looking for a resume template that can present your diverse employment history in the simplest way possible? Look no further; this resume template adopts a simplistic design that allows your recruiters to focus on your work history. It displays your career details neatly while arranging all elements in an orderly fashion. The light color scheme makes sure that the resume is easy to read and appeals to the viewer’s eyes. Use this template and use it to continue your professional legacy.

Modern Green Resume

Showcase your career in the best way possible with this Modern Green Resume template. It features your picture and name over a green header that captivates attention at first sight. The clean design adopts easy-to-read texts, which makes it effortless for recruiters to skim through it. The simple layout highlights your skills with a graphical measure of your expertise in it. Get one a step closer to your dream job now and start customizing this resume online!

Classic White Resume

Build your resume by customizing this classic white resume template and impress your recruiters. It has a clean layout that makes the texts easy to read, and stylishly features your capabilities. It has an appealing facade that focuses on your skills and experiences, listed in an adorable font style. Also, the design uses a light-blue color scheme to present a cheerful look to your professional journey. Choose this resume template and customize it in the online resume builder now!

White Minimalist Resume

Catch your employer's attention by using this black and white minimalist resume. It has a simple yet sophisticated design that lists your professional experience and career details in a refined font. On the right edge, the template displays a graphical measure of your skill level while mentioning your proficiency in different languages below it. Customize your resume using this template with the online resume builder now!

Selecting a Professional Resume

Professional resume templates are designed for job seekers looking for a professional appearance. It is usually classic, well structured, and looks well-suited for formal positions.

The best professional resume templates are supposed to be easy to read because you would expect the hiring manager to quickly learn about your work experience, skills, and accomplishments. It should be crafted with soft color palettes and clean lines to send the message that defines you as a candidate with the experience required to get the job done.

When creating a professional resume for a large organization, it is essential to include only your most relevant and useful professional experience and skills, so it can portray you being a serious and ideal candidate for the job. It is necessary to leave off student work, entry-level positions, or any irrelevant roles that don't demonstrate your achievements in the field you're applying to work.

To get the most out of a professional template, you must be willing to make your resume content show only relevant details and accomplishments. You also need a good professional summary to demonstrate how you can add value to the company. Make sure your writing sounds and looks professional. It should be clear and not filled with different colors. The font size of a professional resume should not be too small nor big.

One way to be sure you need a professional resume is to know more about the company. Is it a casual or a large company? Will there be many applicants? Check out their website and social media, read about what the company does and its core values. Even its logo should give you an idea of the type of workplace you are trying to work with. If the company's status strikes you as prim and proper or flashy, then a professional resume is right for you. How then do you stand out among other applicants?

Job Positions Perfect for Professional Resume Templates

Using a professional resume template proves that you are in line to get to the next stage of a job application at a corporate organization. Professional resumes are mostly in use in the administration, law, and medical career fields. If the job requirement needs an advanced degree, it's a good bet that they will also lookout for a professional resume template. However, other job positions call for these templates as well. For example, a recent grad applying as an accountant at a large accounting firm may also benefit from using a professional resume template.

Remember to keep it simple. A professional template with its simple color scheme and streamlined layout will never be out of place. Use clear section headings and make sure they stand out with bold types, capital letters, and clean color. Make sure there are enough white spaces—an overstuffed resume will be hard to read.

However, if after reviewing the job role, you are still not very convinced that a professional resume is ideal for it, it is best to stay on the safe side and pick a more basic or simple resume template. A hiring manager or recruiter will appreciate keeping the focus on your skills and work experience.

The importance of visual presentation in your professional resume is as necessary as its content. Effective job searches start with visually impressive, technically functional, advanced, corporate, and a content-optimized Resume.

5 Reasons You Should Choose a Professional Resume

  • You want to present a formal, refined image - the first thing to do is become more familiar with the company's requirements. Once you have learned those, you can then show your personality within that context. Try not to deviate from their requirements. You want to be seen for the right reasons.
  • If you work in a field such as law, administration, finance, or medicine - as expected, there will be other applicants, so if your goal is to stand out, then a professional resume is a good start.
  • If you are applying to a company with a well-defined image - companies like oil and gas are quite hard to get in, so you will want to strike them as professionals to increase your chance of getting in.
  • If you are a candidate for an executive or upper-level position - to be a candidate of an upper level, you are expected to have the best professional resume template with your detailed skills and accomplishment.
  • If you hold an advanced degree in a professional field - since your skills and experience stand-in for you, portraying yourself as the best is achievable with a professional resume layout.

What Makes a Professional Resume Template

A professional resume template focuses on the candidate's skills and experience. One accent color may be used overall. You might want to go with something that avoids graphics and flashy colors, with minimal distractions to present your information in a more conservative design. This is especially necessary if the company uses an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which often do not read the information within graphics. If you use a chart to illustrate your skills, there is a good chance the software won't recognize those skills. You should focus on writing your professional experience and summary in a professional tone, using strong action verbs that entail leadership and ability.

10 Must-Haves of a Professional Resume Template

  • Put a strong focus on your name and title. Your name should be in bold type and a bigger font than the rest of the content.
  • Leave a space for a headshot or logo, in case it is needed for the job position.
  • Create an even balance of white space and text - leave adequate white spaces so your resume will not appear clustered. Also, the size of the text should be well-balanced.
  • Use a clean color so that it will not be overwhelming. Avoid using fancy graphics, colors, and illustrations that don't go well with resume-scanning software.
  • There should be plenty of room for employment history. Add an extensive employment history without muddling things up. Leave at least, a line in-between.
  • Equally, there should be enough space for a thorough profile summary. Your professional summary should sound advanced and straightforward. Ensure to leave enough space in between them.
  • Put more emphasis on the skills section. Make sure to give detailed and relatable skills on your resume.
  • The font should be clean and sharp. Your chosen font has to be modest, clean, and sharp. Use accurate font size and clear font color.
  • Your resume should be neat and well placed.
  • Your resume template should be simple to give more focus to your qualifications.

Selecting the right template is the first step in creating the best resume. With this in mind, you will end up with a spectacular one that is not just easy to read but also engaging for hiring managers.

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An elegant and sophisticated resume template is similar to good packaging. You will need to make your resume fit the job description while maintaining its attractive and alluring qualities. Get started right away!

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